Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and new Patriots linebacker James Harrison now have a common enemy in the Pittsburgh Steelers. That gives them a pair of mutual foes. Both Brady and Harrison have a history with the Commissioner of the sport. Brady’s issues are more recent, and more well-documented. Harrison’s date back to 2011, when Harrison unloaded on Roger Goodell in an interview published during the lockout. “If that man was on fire and I had to piss to put him out, I wouldn’t do it,” Harrison said at the time. “I hate him and will never respect him.” In the same interview, Harrison called Goodell a “crook” and a “devil” and a “puppet” and a “dictator.” Harrison also referred to Goodell with a gay slur, and Harrison said that, if the Steelers had won Super Bowl XLV earlier that year, he would have said to Goodell, “Why don’t you quit and do something else, like start your own league in flag football?” Yep, Patriots fans are going to like this guy.