James Harden is happy with the direction the 14-5 Brooklyn Nets are moving after Wednesday night's 123-104 win over the Boston Celtics.

"It's gonna definitely take a collective effort, but I feel like we're in a good place right now," he said.

"We knew it was gonna take some time and it's still a process, but I feel like we in the right direction, as far as just communication defensively, being on the same page," he added. "Offensively, knowing some sets that we can get into with different lineups out there, and then executing. That's pretty much what we've been working on, and what's been happening in these last few games. We've got a long way to go. Long way to go. But we're definitely in the right direction, and it feels good."

After a 2-3 start to the season, the Nets have rattled off 12 wins in their past 14 games, all without the unvaccinated Kyrie Irving, who is not permitted to play home games in New York City and remains away from the team.