No one was sure how the Brooklyn Nets would look without starting point guard Kyrie Irving to begin the NBA season. Irving was not eligible to be a full-time player because he has not received his COVID-19 vaccine, so until he does, the Nets will not be using him in their lineups.

Not having someone as important as Kyrie Irving in the lineup every night is a big adjustment. Thus far, the Nets have struggled to consistently find their footing.

They are currently 2-3 on the season, one Philadelphia 76ers collapse away from being 1-4. All of their losses have been of the blowout variety, as 13 points are the least amount of points they have lost a game by thus far this season.

They are averaging a paltry 102 points per game and sit 29th in the league in offensive rating. Even without Kyrie Irving, that is a shocking thing to see.