Jameis Winston's Sunday began with one of the weirdest pump-up speeches that left his Buccaneers teammates scratching their heads. It ended with a seat on the bench. Check that: It should've ended with a seat on bench after he got pulled at halftime for backup Ryan Fitzpatrick, but instead, Winston found a way to re-insert himself into the game. He did that by starting a fight with Saints rookie cornerback Marshon Lattimore. During the third quarter of the Saints' blowout over the Buccaneers, Winston initiated what could've became a brawl when he left the sideline to poke Lattimore in the back of the helmet. Lattimore responded by shoving Winston. As the two continued shouting, Buccaneers receiver Mike Evans came flying into the scene to blindside Lattimore, who hit the deck. Somehow, Evans avoided an ejection.