With the NBA Draft over, now fans can look forward to free agency. Free agency is the time where teams add players they think will take them over the top. Some of the top free agents this summer include Nene, Samuel Dalembert, Marc Gasol and Jamal Crawford. Nene of the Denver Nuggets is a very efficient center and has been for a long time now. He brings toughness and rebounding as well as scoring. He has been in Denver since the start of his career and seems to like it there, so don't expect him to be switching teams. Samuel Dalembert isn't a highly talked about center. He doesn't score much and certainly doesn't make highlight reel plays. What he does do is defend and rebound. He spent last season with the Sacramento Kings and is set to become a free agent now. Teams needing an active, strong defensive presence in the paint won't hesitate to offer him a sizable contract.