Jamal Adams bounces around the locker room like a kid let out for recess, talking to Leonard Williams in the back corner before cracking jokes about God-knows-what with Marcus Maye across the way. Then, he pops up next to Steve McLendon. Lose sight of him for a split second and he’s gone, off to chop it up with the next teammate. The Jets rookie safety is in perpetual motion, floating around like a social butterfly, making sure everything is just right for a team that he believes is destined for great things. He loves every second of it. “He’s passionate about football… and that’s what you see,” defensive backs coach Dennard Wilson said. “It’s not him trying to lead or trying to show you that he’s the leader. He’s passionate about what he does. He treats this game like he’s a little kid. He’s going out there and he’s playing with effort. The guys feed off him. So that’s what you see. It’s not him trying to lead. It’s just him loving football.” Adams is part of the nucleus amid the organization’s culture change, a pivotal piece to a rebuilding puzzle that is far from complete. He might have turned only 22 this week, but he walks, talks and acts much older. His expectations for himself far exceed what anyone else wants out of the No. 6 overall pick.