For nearly a year, Jalen Robinette envisioned being both an Air Force grad in ready reserve and a drafted NFL rookie at this point. But he is neither and there’s a chance he may never be either. Robinette, who was one of nine senior cadets removed from Thursday’s graduation lineup, has not commented publicly on the turn of events since the conclusion of the NFL draft, when he tweeted: “You’re out of your mind if you think I’m gonna let someone else hang up my cleats. Momma raised me better than that” But as Robinette awaits the academy’s decision regarding his graduation and commissioning, his agency released a statement to The Denver Post: “Jalen Robinette is currently awaiting a determination on a non-criminal disciplinary proceeding. Jalen continues to look forward to serving the country that he loves and remains committed and loyal to the United States Air Force. Robinette, Air Force’s all-time leading receiver who garnered interest from multiple NFL teams as a potential draft pick, was denied any chance of turning pro immediately when the U.S. Department of Defense rescinded a short-lived policy that allowed graduating service-academy athletes the possibility to defer their active duty and pursue professional sports. Robinette went undrafted in the wake of the policy change, but received rookie minicamp invites from the New England Patriots and the Buffalo Bills to try to earn an undrafted free-agent contract. He did not receive a contract from either and during the week of Air Force Academy’s graduation ceremonies, another obstacle landed in his path.