Media members shared several notes about Renfrow beating Ramsey when the two were matched up, including a deep pass completed by Derek Carr.

If you ask ramsey, which he was, he will tell you that the entire thing was blown out of proportion. He met with reporters after Thursday’s practice, which was cut short due to a brawl and set the record straight.

“I guess some of their media thought that Hunter Renfrow had a really good day against me,” Ramsey said Thursday, via The Athletic’s Jourdan Rodrigue.

“I still can’t find the plays. I done watched the film twice and I still can’t find the plays where I was burnt multiple times. But sure. He had one good catch on me yesterday. … It’s cool, I get that, you know, sometimes mentioning my name going against certain receivers may give them buzz and it may pump them up some. This is no disrespect to Hunter Renfrow because I actually think he’s a pretty good player. I think he has some Cooper Kupp in him.”