Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts hopes to make the most out of his opportunities as the team’s current starting quarterback for their remaining games in the 2020 season. The rookie likened his goals to an uncanny comparison and claimed that he was aiming to become a ‘coffee bean’ for the Eagles moving forward.

“The thing with me, I always try to never get too high, never get too low out there,” said Hurts via Sports Illustrated. “Try to do my job to my best abilities. Doing that, impacting people, bringing people up around me. Always take somebody with you and create that camaraderie, that community. And all those things, all those characteristics, they’re contagious.”

“Just trying to be a coffee bean.”

While Eagles fans might have been befuddled by the idea behind the odd metaphor, apparently, Hurts has already used it in the past, albeit with more explanation. Hurts described being a caffeine-inducing pellet back in August of 2019 where he first shared the context of the statement.