Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star landed the first interview that Colts owner Jim Irsay gave after his arrest and visit to rehab earlier this year a short time after Kravitz described Irsay as a “sick, sick man” who needed help. Kravitz’s take was one of many cited as showing Irsay more sympathy in light of his drug use than is usually shown to NFL players who have failed tests or gotten arrested, something that came up again last week when the NFL suspended Colts wide receiver LaVon Brazill for a year because of substance abuse violations. Kravitz had a different reaction on Twitter than he did when Irsay got in trouble. “Either Brazill has an addiction problem or he’s really, really REALLY dumb,” Kravitz tweeted. “Don’t know which, to be honest.” That doesn’t mean that Kravitz thinks the Colts should treat Brazill any differently or that he’s not aware of the potential for hypocrisy for him or the organization.