There's a video floating around the internet of ex-Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer talking to a group of football campers a couple of years back. About a minute into the clip, Meyer drops Patriots head coach Bill Belichick's name and reveals a bit of a secret.

"Bill Belichick will come in, he'll ask me two very critical questions," Meyer says. "What kind of teammate is he? And how does he perform in the big game? He didn't ask me how he runs around in shorts and T-shirts, and what's his 40 time, and those type of things."

From just about anyone else, this might sound like nebulous, coach-speak pablum. But coming from Meyer and Belichick, there's some merit to it. Granted, Meyer and Belichick would never completely stack their rosters with talentless try-hards; they simply understand that group motivation depends on having lots of try-hards around to buy into whatever it is they're selling. And what they're selling has actually won a lot of football games.

Which brings us to this weekend's NFL draft in general, and to University of Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm in particular. As many as three or four quarterbacks could get selected in Thursday night's first round; Fromm is not expected to be one of them. Most scouting reports suggest he'll get taken somewhere in the middle rounds.

On one hand, the 6-foot-2, 220-pound Fromm lacks the physical tools - size, arm strength, mobility - to be an ideal NFL QB.