The Jacksonville Jaguars held a "State of the Franchise" press conference on Tuesday that went along with their new logo change and everything else. Later in the week, Jaguars president Mark Lamping stopped by on XL Primetime with Joe C. and Ryan "Hacker" Green on 1010XL to talk a bit more about the press conference and answer some questions the hosts had about what was revealed. You can listen to the full interview here, but for those who cannot I've transcribed the entire interview below. Lamping on the reaction to the new Jaguars logo: It's been great. It's been really good. You know, obviously when you introduce something new you're never going to have something unanimous in terms of of acceptance, but it's been really positive and I think that people understand this really symbolic of a new direction with this franchise and based on the results the past two years I think it's a change in direction our fans embrace. Lamping on how the Jaguars went through the process of "Stand United" and the logo change: We started this process trying to think of what are those things about Jacksonville that make us different. What are those that make us unique, what are those that make us special and the military is such a very important part of this community and we're thrilled that we were able to weave into our identity a very strong salute and recognition of the military and what it means to this community.