Due to their 44-33 loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, the Jaguars will likely be the AFC’s third seed and host a first-round playoff game on Jan. 6 or 7. The only way the Jaguars grab the second seed (and a first-round bye) is if they win at Tennessee and Pittsburgh loses its final two games – Monday at 4-10 Houston or Sunday at home to 0-15 Cleveland. One Pittsburgh win means the Jaguars will have the third seed. They can’t fall any lower than No. 3. Kansas City is locked into the No. 4 seed after winning the AFC West. The two AFC wild card spots – and the Jaguars’ first-round opponent – are undecided. The scenarios: Baltimore (9-6): The Ravens clinch a spot by beating Cincinnati. … If the Ravens lose, they need Buffalo to lose at Miami and Tennessee to lose to the Jaguars. Tennessee (8-7): The Titans clinch a spot with a win over the Jaguars. … If the Titans lose, they need losses by Buffalo and the Los Angeles Chargers. … If the Titans tie the Jaguars, they need a loss or a tie by Buffalo and the Chargers. Los Angeles Chargers (8-7): The Chargers need help. … The Chargers need to beat Oakland plus have Tennessee and Buffalo both lose or tie. … The Chargers need to beat Oakland plus have the Titans lose or tie and Baltimore win or tie. … The Chargers need to beat Oakland and have Tennessee lose or Buffalo