Pro Football Talk has pointed out since Justin Blackmon's suspension that contractual language would allow the team to release him now without any further financial burden. That’s an interesting bit of news. But I know for sure the Jacksonville Jaguars have no intention of releasing him. New general manager Dave Caldwell and new coach Gus Bradley might have inherited Blackmon from the previous regime, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like him. Blackmon was widely regarded as the best receiver in the draft last year, and Jaguars GM Gene Smith traded up to draft him fifth overall. It was a bold move that addressed a very weak roster spot. Blackmon might have issues, but he’s also got something the Jaguars need a lot more of: talent. He came on in the latter part of his rookie season and appears to be on his way to be a solid pro, provided, of course, he can get his issues in order and be available on Sundays. ESPN Stats & Information said among rookie receivers in 2012, Blackmon ranked first with 128 targets, tied for first with 64 receptions, first with 865 yards and tied for second with five touchdowns. The drinking and driving on his résumé and a four-game suspension for a violation of the league's substance abuse policy isn't enough to prompt this team -- and I doubt any team -- to give up on that talent in just his second season.