They will be setting a new salary bar for Mack’s position. Currently, only seven centers are playing for contracts that include more than $10 million guaranteed. If Mack opts to sign his transition tag tender with Cleveland for $10.039 million, he will become the league’s highest paid center — for a year — and would be one injury away from seeing his market value plummet. If he decides to sign with the Jaguars and Cleveland lets him walk, Mack’s deal would likely be north of $20 million guaranteed — and maybe well north. Mack was in Jacksonville on Friday night for dinner with general manager Dave Caldwell and coach Gus Bradley and departed Saturday morning. A source told the Times-Union Saturday night the “minimum” guaranteed money the Jaguars could offer Mack to give Cleveland pause is $22 million in the first three years of the contract. “Is a center worth that much in the current NFL?” the source said. “I don’t see it, but Jacksonville can afford it.” Pro Football Talk quoted a source Sunday saying the Browns would match an offer sheet containing $22 million guaranteed “in a second.” The Browns would have 432,000 seconds (five days) to make a decision once an offer sheet is submitted to the league office. But since word of Mack’s visit to the Jaguars got out, questions have been circulating. Does it make competitive sense? Will the Jaguars be markedly better if they add Mack.