No general manager worth his salt wouldn’t say he was excited about his draft picks, but Jacksonville’s David Caldwell sounds like he really means it about Denard Robinson. The Jaguars took the former Michigan quarterback — who will have to change positions in the NFL — in the fifth round. “I’ve been watching that guy for as long as he’s been playing,” Caldwell told “Every time I go to Michigan it just amazes me about how passionate he is about football, how loved he is at that school amongst his teammates, and how he just goes about his business. “You watch that guy practice, and he has fun. Not only does he have juice on the field in terms of his speed and playmaking ability, but just juice in the building. You’re going to love the kid. I’ve watched from afar for a long time. “I got a call from (Falcons GM) Thomas Dimitroff, and he’s like, ‘I knew you were going to end up getting him at some point in time,’ because we talked about him in Atlanta, and I was really excited about that pick.” The former Atlanta director of player personnel, this was Caldwell’s first draft with the Jags.