At the team's "State of the Franchise" address this past week, new Jaguars general manager Dave Caldwell emphasized his stance on using the draft to fill the holes that plague the team's roster, while admitting the team will be more passive aggressive when it comes to being big time players in unrestricted free agency. “We’ll be active but we’re not going to be overly active.", Caldwell said during an interview with the T-U's Vito Stellino. "We’re not going to go after high-priced free agents. We’ll be ready if something we like presents itself, but we’re not going in to make a big splash.". While fans will likely take that comment over the next few weeks leading up to the beginning of the free agency period as Caldwell stating the team will simply rest on it's laurels and wait for the draft, it's important to note that nowhere in that statement or in any others made by Caldwell since he's taken over last month, did he say the Jaguars will simply avoid free agency at all costs. The team is in the beginning stages of a total roster overhaul, and with that will undoubtedly come quite a few holes that the team will address with intelligent "target spending" via veteran free agency.