The Jacksonville Jaguars will be running a defense based out of more a 4-3 look for the 2013 season, at least for now according to head coach Gus Bradley. Bradley, who spent the past few seasons as the Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator running Pete Carrol's hybrid defensive front, wants to bring that kind of versatility to the Jaguars defense. Simply put, he's looking to be able to give offenses different looks each week to kind of limit out they can plan for the defense. Bradley mentioned in his press conference with Jaguars media on Tuesday that he'd like to run an "aggressive style" of defense, but instead of letting the speculation run wild that he means blitz happy, Bradley clarified what he meant, noting that he didn't necessarily mean blitzing. "I think sometimes people perceive that aggressive is going to be blitz happy, and that may not be exactly what we're talking about," Bradley told the media. "Maybe more aggressive on the outside on the perimeter with our corners, playing more press technique you know is more aggressive in nature by a defense. When you do that, play press coverage, the quarterback generally has to hold the ball a little bit longer and because of that the rush becomes more important. You give opportunities for the rush to get going."