Tim Tebow is a man without an NFL team, but Tebowmania is alive and well, especially in Jacksonville. Though no NFL team has shown interest in signing the former Nease High and University of Florida Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback since the New York Jets cut him late last month, he remains in the eye of a hurricane of controversy and debate about the Jaguars’ decision not to sign him. The pro-Tebow fans continue to lobby for the Jaguars to sign him, even though he rejected the team’s interest a year ago when he agreed to a trade to the Jets. After the White House shut down a petition asking President Obama to tell the Jaguars to sign him, Orlando-based attorney John Morgan, who has offices in Jacksonville, ran a radio ad in Jacksonville urging the Jaguars to bring home the Jacksonville native, a player he calls the city’s “native son.’’ “The feedback has been incredible,’’ Morgan said. “It’s been very intense.’’ That’s not surprising since Tebow, who has 2.2 million followers on Twitter, has become an iconic figure and a cultural phenomenon, named by Forbes Magazine the most influential athlete in America. But it’s also clear the city’s fans remain conflicted over whether the Jaguars should sign him. A certain segment of the fan base isn’t necessarily against Tebow, but they support the new regime put in place by owner Shad Khan and if the Jaguars want to move forward without Tebow, they support that idea. Eddie Farah, a Jacksonville attorney who, like Morgan, runs a lot of TV ads, went on Facebook and Twitter to support the Jaguars’ new regime.