The question was raised by a BCC commenter recently, who exactly will be safe during the Jaguars overhaul? Who are ‘the untouchables’? Bryan Anger – Punter Gene Smith did one thing right in his four years in Jacksonville, and that was draft the Jaguars one hell of a punter. Yeah, we could have gone after Russell Wilson, who ended up being drafted five picks after Anger, but where’s the fun in being competitive? What about Bernard Peirce who was taken with the 21st pick in the third round by the Ravens, becoming Ray Rice’s spell back down the stretch of Baltimore’s Super Bowl run? Could you imagine how awkward of a situation we’d have on our hands with third round pick Nick Foles and Blaine Gabbert, competing for starting quarterback and prettiest hair? God forbid they mix up their brushes. Either way, Bryan Anger averaged 47.8 yards, which was sixth in the league, on 91 punts this past season. He’s being paid pennies on the dollar compared to the athletes surrounding him in the locker room. As anti-climactic as my first untouchable may be for you, the Banger will be at it again as he enters his second season and looks to become the franchises punter for the next ten plus years.