Jadeveon Clowney is arguably the best player in college football entering the 2013 season. He’s so good, in fact, that if were eligible, he’d be in the NFL instead of playing defensive end at South Carolina. To protect his greatest commodity—his body—Clowney is expected to sign a multimillion dollar insurance policy that would cover him in the even of a catastrophic injury. According to FoxSports.com, a “member of Clowney’s camp” has reached out to Coastal Advisors LLC about obtaining a $5 million policy. Richard Salgado, president of Coastal Advisors, told FOX Sports that the company has insured and guided 35 other elite college players over the past 15 years. Clowney, who’ll be 20 years old on Thursday, has seen first-hand how an injury can impact a career. Teammate Marcus Lattimore, once considered the premier running back in the nation, sustained a second season-ending knee injury last season. Lattimore has entered the NFL draft, but his draft stock has been severely compromised by his injured knees.