In recent years, advanced stats, or analytics, have taken on a larger role in professional sports. The revolution which began in baseball has moved on to basketball, and perhaps nothing better indicates that shift than the Memphis Grizzlies' move in December to hire John Hollinger, the former ESPN scribe who developed Player Efficiency Rating and Pure Point Rating, among other metrics, for a front-office role. The Orlando Magic began looking into advanced stats at the request of coach Stan Van Gundy after they hired him in 2007. Van Gundy's no longer with the team, but Jacque Vaughn, Orlando's new coach, has an analytical side as well. Following Thursday's practice, he addressed the role stats play in his decision-making. "There's a lot of numbers that a lot of people can crunch and come up with," Vaughn said, specifically mentioning "basic plus-minus." Vaughn favors an approach that combines statistics with his own observations. "I look at 'em [the stats]," Vaughn said, "but I also base my ideals off of instinct and feel and when you watch the tape and you see where shots are coming from and who's getting shots and at what time of the game. So you can do it with numbers and feel." Vaughn says the stats he consults are for "coaches only" because players don't show much interest in them. "Players arent concerned about... they're concerned about numbers, but different numbers [....] A little different than plus-minus and other jargon like that."