Some NFL pundits are reporting that Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl Hero Jacoby Jones may end up being a cap casualty for the team if things don't work out in other areas. First of all the ravens will have to sign Super Bowl MVP quarterback Joe Flacco to a long term deal before they start worrying about signing or restructuring any of their other players. however, once that is done, could Jones be one of the "odd men out" for the 2013 season? As a fan and someone who followed the team very closely this season I'd have to think that they would do whatever they can to keep Jones on the roster. He still has one more year on his contract in which he is scheduled to make four million dollars. All four million will be against the cap so if the Raves are looking for extra money to sign staring players, some are saying that Jones may be in jeopardy of losing his job or at the very least asked to restructure his deal over a multi-year period in which they can stretch a signing bonus over a few seasons.