ESPN's Buster Olney was on WEEI's Mut & Merloni show on Wednesday, and discussed the future of Jacoby Ellsbury and the Red Sox while there. In essence, he's confirming some fears -- or desires -- we might have had regarding Ellsbury and the potential for him to be dealt this winter: "More and more, you see teams making conservative offers for players near their free agency, and Scott Boras isn't going to be someone to say 'OK, if you trade us to the Giants -- and I'm just picking a team out of a hat -- we'll negotiate a new contract with the Giants.' If Jacoby follows the pattern of all of Scott's clients he's going to go into free agency," Olney said. "I'm guessing at some point the Red Sox are going to talk to Scott, see if they can work out some deal, get a price tag on him, it's going to be monumental, it's going to be astronomical, then they'll go out and talk to teams about a trade. And I'll be surprised if anyone blows them away, because of the fact that he's going to be a free agent next fall with Scott as his agent."