Quarterback Jacoby Brissett was sacked 10 times Sunday. That is the most sacks allowed by an Indianapolis Colts team since 1980. It is utterly inexcusable. So why was Brissett the one making amends and addressing lingering issues in conversations with reporters this week? Because Brissett’s hands are dirty, too. He knows it. The Colts know it. Yes, the offensive line is what it is. Feel free to pile on to your heart’s content. But Brissett is exacerbating the problem. If you don’t believe that, just listen to him. “I can do a better job of not taking those hits,” Brissett said. “It’s not the offensive line’s fault. It’s the game. Everybody’s had those days.” How does he fix it? “Get the ball out of my hands,” Brissett added, “so they can’t hit me.” Yes, Brissett needs to get the ball out quicker, rather than waiting for the optimum opportunity to deliver the ball. That rarely comes in the NFL. A related matter is Brissett’s decision making, which needs to be quicker, especially when pressure starts to converge.