With each day that passes without Jacob deGrom facing batters, the odds of the righty being the Opening Day starter decrease. In a perfect world, deGrom would be starting that game based on his standout 2017 season. For the Mets, though, things are never perfect, and deGrom is instead the only starting pitcher who has yet to appear in a Grapefruit League game. The Mets could attempt to cut corners to allow deGrom to make that start on March 29, but pitching coach Dave Eiland made it clear Sunday that won't happen. Opening Day is looking increasingly unlikely for deGrom. “With Jacob deGrom, we will not make an exception. That’s stupid. We’re not going to be careless. We’re not going to be careless just so he can pitch Opening Day," Eiland said. "If it falls where he can he will because he earned that and deserves that start. We’re not going to push the envelope and be careless and he starts Opening Day and doesn’t start until June. That would be pretty ignorant on our part to do that.” DeGrom has not been eliminated as possible option to start Opening Day, but recent events and comments by deGrom and the coaching staff suggest the honor will go to another pitcher. Noah Syndergaard is the top alternative should deGrom not be ready.