Detroit Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy lamented 19 turnovers. And 32 fouls didn’t help, either. But Reggie Jackson wanted to talk about another factor — the officiating. After the Pistons staked a claim as a must-watch team on NBA League Pass in Friday night’s close 115-111 loss to the Washington Wizards, the point guard who looks close to regaining his near All-Star form from the 2015-16 season, looked at the fact the opposing team took 15 more free throws. When asked why the offense grew stagnant after the loss where the Pistons trailed by 15 points with 10:29 remaining before mounting a furious comeback, Jackson said they weren’t allowed to play basketball. “Personally, I might be ashamed of myself if I wore stripes into the building tonight,” Jackson said after scoring 11 points in the fourth quarter to key the comeback. Still, it’s tough to win on the home floor of one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference when allowing 25 points off turnovers and being outscored by 14 (29-15) at the free-throw line, no matter if the officiating is fair or not. “We just turned the ball over all the time, and then we’re fouling at the other end,” Van Gundy said. “Those were the two big things. They’re getting lay-ups off our turnovers, I mean lay-ups, dunks. It’s just hard to defend. “I didn’t think our half-court defense was that bad. Our defensive numbers are going to look awful because of the way we turned the ball over and the number of times we fouled. Those were the two areas to me.”