There’s a new sheriff in town, and Carmelo Anthony is no longer going to be treated with kid gloves. Jackson put the pressure on Anthony on Wednesday to abide by his word and take a pay cut to stick with the Knicks, saying “a precedent has been set’’ around the NBA. Jackson also said the franchise would survive if Anthony flees. Anthony has said he’d take “a pay cut’’ if it meant giving the Knicks more salary-cap flexibility. The Knicks are trying to make a big score in free agency in 2015, when they should have cap space to sign a max player. But the Knicks would like to add another mid-level talent or two, pending Anthony’s reduced salary for the 2015-16 season. Jackson pointed to the “precedent” of stars such as Tim Duncan and LeBron James taking less money. The Post has learned one potential idea the Knicks are kicking around is to backload Anthony’s contract as much as they can. That would require giving Anthony a maximum 7.5 percent pay reduction for Year Two — the 2015-16 season — when it would help them most. Anthony can make as much as $22.4 million his first year. But if he starts at just $19 million for 2014-15, he can then take his 7.5 percent reduction the next season after which he’d be able to get full-blown raises. “I like to appeal to his better nature of winning,’’ Jackson said in a Wednesday press gathering at the team’s Greenburgh practice facility. “I think that’s what we want to do.