Derek Carr has had five coaches in his eight seasons with the Raiders, and he gets to face off with one of them Sunday when Jack Del Rio hits Vegas as defensive coordinator for the Washington Football Team. While Carr is 2-0 in his matchups with Dennis Allen — now the Saints defensive coordinator — Carr was with Allen only for the first four games of his career.

Carr and Del Rio were together for three seasons and know each other very well. It makes for an interesting chess match.

The two were key components of the franchise’s one playoff appearance (2016) in the last 19 years, though Carr wasn’t able to play in the game after breaking his fibula in Week 16.

Del Rio would appear to have more of an emotional investment in Sunday’s result than the Raiders quarterback. After all, a year after the playoff appearance and following a contract extension that offseason, Del Rio was fired after owner Mark Davis’ decade-long flirtation with Jon Gruden was finally met with a sideways grin. Gruden was ready to leave the broadcast booth and return to the coaching ranks, and Davis gave him a blank check and fired Del Rio — saying that even if Del Rio had made the playoffs in 2017, the owner was still going to hire Gruden.

After the 2017 season finale in Carson, Davis left a teary-eyed Del Rio to tell the media himself that he had been fired. Pretty weak.

But while Del Rio would like nothing better than to get a game ball after a win Sunday and figuratively wave it in Davis’ face, Carr also has an ax to grind.

When Del Rio was an analyst for ESPN in 2019, he made the comment that Carr doesn’t play well in cold weather. It was one of the many criticisms that the quarterback had heard over the years, but he didn’t expect his former coach to pile on.

“Jack was there with me a couple of those times,” Carr said then. “I used to think this was a team game. … Yes. It’s all my fault, and I take full responsibility.”