Addressing the recent absence of Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin from practice, Raiders coach Jack Del Rio on Friday harkened back to the times when Charles Woodson would get a rest day. “It’s something we do,” Del Rio said. “It’s kind of a ‘Woodson Wednesday.’ We did it a lot with Charles toward the end of his career. We’ve had good success with guys that have taken a heavy load, being smart with them on that Wednesday. So it’s just a rest day.” Woodson was in his late-30s then. Mack and Irvin are only 26 and 30, respectively, and their unexpected day of rest came after the firing of defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. Both players have declined to comment on Norton’s dismissal, but Irvin issued a profane reaction on Twitter immediately after the announcement, Del Rio, asked Friday whether the absences were related to Norton’s firing, replied bluntly.