Jabari Parker reportedly wanted a max contract extension last offseason. The Bucks reportedly offered him $18 million annually. Without getting into specific numbers, Parker said he was never close to signing and called the situation out of his hands. Out of his hands? If Milwaukee made an offer, that put it in his hands, right? “No, it’s not,” Parker said. “Because they can offer me a dollar, am I supposed to take it? “So, that’s what it is.” Parker was still rehabbing from his second left ACL tear while negotiating his extension. Some players in that situation would take the security rather than the chance. “It’s not my chance,” Parker said. In an alternate universe, a perfectly healthy Parker is locked into a max contract extension, capitalizing on the promise that made him the No. 2 pick in 2014 and playing Robin to Giannis Antetokounmpo‘s Batman on a team drawing consideration for Eastern Conference favorite. In our reality, Parker has twice torn his left ACL, is headed toward restricted free agency and is trying to find his groove on a second-rate Eastern Conference challenger. Given how Parker has immersed himself in the work necessary to come back, it’s easy to see how he could lose site of the difference. “I don’t have to prove myself at all,” Parker said. “People know my résumé.” The number of times he says he’s taking it “day by day” during a short interview is impressive. He stayed in Milwaukee to train during the All-Star break, a time most players vacation and unwind. He is clearly zeroed in, maybe to the point of delusion.