The Los Angeles Lakers need to take a page out of the Denver Nuggets’ playbook. Yes, you read that correctly. The Nuggets are still working on their first trip to a Finals, meaning they’ve never won a title and probably never will come close to matching the Lakers’ 16 championships, even if the NBA is around for another 70 years. But when it comes to doing what’s right for their team, the Nuggets are the model now for the Lakers to follow. At the start of the season, Denver put its team in the hands of its 19-year rookie point guard, Emmanuel Mudiay. He’s had his ups and downs and has shown he’s every bit still a teenager, even if Jason Kidd already has tried to make the case for Mudiay eventually being better than he was. You can bet that Nuggets coach Michael Malone wasn’t very thrilled to hear Kidd’s comments because now he has to spend his time reminding all the gullible people out there that Mudiay hasn’t even turned 20.