Michigan State Spartans star Miles Bridges is confident that he'll get to play out the rest of the season for the No. 2-ranked Spartans after he was cleared by the NCAA to play in his team's regular-season finale Sunday afternoon. Bridges said he was nervous that he could miss Sunday's game after reports this week indicated that his mother may have received money from a man associated with professional basketball agent Andy Miller. Bridges spoke to a school compliance officer after those reports surfaced. He found out Saturday afternoon that he would be allowed to play. "I haven't [taken any money]. My mom hasn't. It's as simple as that," Bridges said after helping clinch Michigan State's first outright Big Ten title since 2009 with a pair of last-minute free throws at Wisconsin on Sunday afternoon. Bridges, Izzo and associate head coach Dwayne Stephens were all named in Yahoo! reports earlier this week about the ongoing FBI probe into corruption in college basketball. According to documents revealed in that report, a runner for an agent claimed to have withdrawn $400 from an ATM to give to Bridges' mother. The same runner, Christian Dawkins, is a central figure in the FBI's investigation and says he met with Izzo and Stephens, according to emails he sent to Miller.