Bobby Bell is joining the ranks of college graduates. What's the big deal, one might wonder? The former linebacker of the Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs --€“ No. 78 was a force --€“ and member of the college and pro football halls of fame will soon have a diploma, too ... 52 years after leaving the University of Minnesota. With some assistance and guidance from the school, Bell, 74, will pick up his diploma with fellow students in May, reports the St. Paul Pioneer-Press. "Once I got my feet wet, I said 'this is like playing in the Super Bowl,' " Bell told the paper. "I'm going all the way. I'm going to win this thing. I'm going to do my best job. Whatever it takes, I'm going to do it." Bell is a parks and recreation major. For some history, Bell won the Outland Trophy in 1962 and finished third --€“ as a defensive lineman, no less --€“ in the Heisman balloting.