It pains me to say this, but Pete Carroll needs to be fired. Now.

I’ve been on the fire Pete train for some time now, but I’ve never felt 100% certain that he deserves to lose his job. Every once in a while, the Seahawks pull off a win that gives him an extra half-season of employment in my subconscious mind. But the time for forgiveness is over.

Monday’s absolutely repulsive display against New Orleans was the final straw. At 2-4, I was willing to give the Seahawks until the end of this game to make a judgement on the season, and thus the employment status of the coaching staff and front office, but it’s now clear that Pete Carroll and John Schneider have assembled a largely useless roster, and made things worse by putting them in tired schemes that haven’t been effective for almost a decade.

The fact is, Pete Carroll has been aged out for the NFL for some time, and has severely hampered the Seahawks’ success with his outdated understanding of the NFL, whether it be his coaching schemes, in-game decision making (especially on 4th down), or inability to make coaching adjustments.