A Picasso or a Van Gogh? Luciano Pavarotti or Andrea Bocelli? It's all a matter of taste. Nate Robinson's "flaps down'' or Joakim Noah's "guns of glory''? No easy answer. Art is art. "We feed off of both of them,'' Bulls forward Taj Gibson said when asked about Robinson's post-big-shot celebration when he puts his arms out like an airplane going in for a landing or Noah's finger guns a-blazing. "Any little thing you can use to help your team get that edge is good for us.'' And he means "any little thing.'' Life without injured star Derrick Rose until at least February is not a bump to get over, it's a mountain. The league MVP two seasons ago was not only the starter for the Bulls, but the fourth-quarter closer. With that missing, the Bulls have been searching for something to build off of in close games. They might have gotten a glimpse of that formula in the victory Tuesday against Orlando: Luol Deng carried the offensive weight, and Noah and Robinson provided the fire in crunch time. Twice after big fourth-quarter shots, Robinson went "flaps down'' against the Magic, and twice after 19-footers, Noah waved the finger guns before jamming them into the imaginary holster. And their teammates embraced each gesture.