Sandwiched in those SEC piles was John Jenkins. All 359 pounds of him. He remembers the post-play scrums well. Each one was a blender of flailing appendages and borderline cannibalism. "Oh yeah," the Georgia nose tackle says, "it's real dirty in the SEC." "I mean, we have eye gouging," Jenkins said. "We have privates being grabbed. People step on your ankles, twist your ankles. It gets real ugly out there - trash-talking, Mama's this and Grandma's that. All the above." As crude as that imagery may be, an influx of nasty would do the Green Bay Packers some good. This year's Super Bowl features two teams stocked with Mama-this-Grandma-that players who bring an intimidating presence to the football field. They push the envelope. From the outside - as he curses, disrespects opponents and sacks quarterbacks - it seems the Ravens' Terrell Suggs sincerely does not care what anybody thinks. The 49ers' Justin Smith seems friendly, but he has drawn the ire of teams for his grabbing style of play. There are players named Willis and Bowman and Lewis and Pollard who all hit and tackle with a vengeance. Both offensive lines get their hands dirty, too. Somehow, the Packers need to add this player. Through the off-season, the Packers should target players who seek and destroy.