Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is your AFC Player of the Month. Allen has gotten off to a scalding start in 2020. Some might call it even MVP-level. I'm not there quite yet, but the numbers are impressive.

He leads the AFC in most statistical passing categories. He's thrown for 1,038 yards, 10 touchdowns, and only one interception through three weeks of football. His team is undefeated. Some of Allen's big issues from the first two years of his career (holding the ball for much longer than he should, wildly overthrowing receivers) are still seen in his play, but by and large he's shown significant progress since we last saw him on the field in Buffalo's season-ending loss to the Houston Texans in the 2019 playoffs. But can he keep it up?

Any mention of Allen's success so far would be remiss without mentioning the defenses he's gone up against. The Bills opened their season against the New York Jets and Miami Dolphins. The Jets are the Jets. Nothing more to say there. The Dolphins have some talent on their defense but are far from an elite unit. Buffalo's Week 3 win against the Los Angeles Rams was a quality one against a talented secondary, but overall that defense was average at best last season. The point is that Allen has yet to go up against elite competition, although all great players beat up on the worse competition as he has over these first three weeks.