Pointless only applies to the Blackhawks this season when debating whether they or the Miami Heat are the best team in sports. There is no right answer. There is no wrong answer. There are, apparently, some loud answers. The Blackhawks' Catch-22 of their point streak: It created such a national buzz that people ran out of nice things to say so they began comparing them to a basketball team in another city. The contrarian in me understands the realities of 24/7 sports debate demanded by TV and radio stations. But has anybody really ever watched Patrick Kane make magic on the ice this year and thought of LeBron or D-Wade? The Hawks will try to extend their NHL record of starting the season without a regulation loss to 23 games Tuesday night at home against the Wild. The Heat ran their winning streak to 15 on Monday with a 97-81 victory over the Timberwolves. Both the Hawks and Heat have excelled lately at the United Center, too, but that is where worthwhile comparisons end. Compare the Hawks to other hockey teams who started well or to the most dominant teams Chicago ever witnessed in our city, but comparing them to the Heat isn't apt. The Hawks wear skates; the Heat play in high tops. The NHL features so much competitive parity that a No. 8 seed in the Western Conference, the Kings, won the Stanley Cup last year. Meanwhile, the NBA includes the Eastern Conference, bad enough to give Duke and Syracuse reason to believe they could beat the Bucks for the final playoff spot. Consistently, the NHL is more even. That doesn't necessarily give the Hawks' 19-0-3 start more weight than the Heat's 14 straight wins. That gives an arbitrary argument necessary context for anybody engaged in it. If you insist on a Hawks debate, discuss whether goalie Corey Crawford or 9-0-0 backup Ray Emery will give the Hawks their best chance of winning a Cup. (A slight edge goes to Crawford).