The kid listens. And that is half the battle for rookie Frank Ntilikina, according to veteran Knicks point guard Jarrett Jack, who has found it is so much easier to lead and teach a guy who wants to be led and taught. And that’s especially true when you’re dealing with all the elements players endure as a pro. “Man, he’s willing to listen. It’s the rigors, the bumps and bruises of the league, the ups and downs of it that he’s learning,” Jack said. “You might have a great game, you might have a subpar game, you might not play so well, your minutes might be high, might be low. That’s the NBA. “And that’s what getting a grasp is on this thing. That’s what I try to help him with. The basketball part, he knows how to play. He wouldn’t have gotten here if he didn’t. It’s just accepting the challenges every day. This is a ‘What did you do for me’ league.” And Ntilikina, who struggled mightily Monday against the Clippers as he fought a cold bug, appreciates all that is being passed on by Jack and another vet, Ramon Sessions.