For those of you scoring at home, Bryce Harper has six home runs in 28 at-bats. The Cubs, meanwhile, have eight in 337. And like that, you now have yet another way to understand what will happen to the Cubs lineup next season when they sign Harper to the biggest free-agent deal ever. I believe it will happen. Well, I want it to happen, and I think the Cubs are the leaders in the clubhouse, in part because Harper’s Las Vegas homie Kris Bryant is in that clubhouse. So, as long as we’re all giddy and dreaming but playing fantasy baseball that has a chance of becoming a reality, let’s imagine making out the Cubs lineup with Harper’s name in it (and, if it’s possible, this lineup sounds even better if you hear Pat Hughes running it down in your head): 1. Addison Russell, SS: A ton of power potential, but now he looks like a guy who is ready to make a jump in on-base percentage. 2. Bryant, 3B: Because this is where MVP favorites go. 3. Anthony Rizzo, 1B: His back will be healthy by next year, right? Right? 4. Harper, RF: Can you imagine? I mean, ballhawks will be lining up on Lake Shore Drive. 5. Willson Contreras, C: In any other lineup, he would bat cleanup for, I don’t know, a decade, but this is not any other lineup. 6. Kyle Schwarber, LF: Hang on, hang on, the DH is coming to the NL, I just know it. 7. Jason Heyward/Albert Almora, CF: It’s my lineup, and if I want to platoon a guy with a $184 million deal, I will do just that. Next. 8. Javy Baez, 2B: I love the idea that even in this new lineup, he could still deliver the most electric theater. 9. Pitcher: Will the Cubs even need a pitcher?