Tuesday in the park with George.

Springer, not Seurat.

Although the former could accurately be described as a neo-impressionist of baseball, man of connect-the-dots mastery in the field and at the plate.

In fact, Springer was captured in the Blue Jays dugout the other night, drawing a picture in the dirt. Qu’est-ce que c’est, as the other George — Georges, actually — might have asked.


“Ha-ha,” Springer laughed during a zoom session with reporters, requesting an explanation for what he’d been illustrating to Lourdes Gurriel Jr.

“This is the true story. Lourdes was asking where Arkansas was. This is not made up. He asked me where Jonathan Davis was from and I said, he’s from Arkansas. He was trying to remember where Arkansas was, because he’s very proud of knowing where the states are.”

And here you probably thought ballers were always talking inside-baseball baseball whilst in the dugout. When they’re not doing goofy pantomime, at least on this team, at least among a particular younger set of boundless energy and innocent mischief.