With only a couple of days left until the 2020 NFL draft, the predraft rumors are flying by in swarms. Many more teams have been linked to either trading up or down in the first round on April 23 than those who haven't.

One of the franchises linked to making a move up the board is the defending Super Bowl champions, and they are reportedly targeting a wildly talented wide receiver who ran the fastest 40-yard dash at this year's scouting combine.

It may well be that Kansas City's pursuit of Alabama's Henry Ruggs III is just one more piece of the scuttlebutt of which there's no shortage right now—scuttlebutt that won't amount to anything. But if it's true and the Chiefs can find a way to acquire the young speedster, then an already formidable offense would sail right past fearsome, hurl past frightening…

And land squarely in abjectly terrifying.

It was Peter King of NBC Sports who reported that the Chiefs are interested in trading up to land the 5'11", 188-pound Ruggs, who caught 40 passes for 746 yards and seven touchdowns for the Crimson Tide in 2019.