In 2018, Chris Davis was just the worst. Not in a double-decker couch sense - which unlike Davis’ performance is a great way to make friends - but literally the worst full-time player in baseball, and possibly the worst ever. You have to give credit to the Orioles for rolling him out there every day and giving him the chance to set a record, and it worked out for Davis. His -2.8 rWAR is the lowest since 1871 among those with at least 100 plate appearances. A legendary season.

This is a far cry from 2015, when Davis posted a 5.3 rWAR (5.4 fWAR) season with a 149 wRC+ and knocking 47 home runs. even the year afterward he was at least effective, a 116 wRC+ and 2.6 rWAR (2.8 fWAR) giving the O’s offense a bit of a boost. Certainly not ideal for the first year of a 7 year, $161 million deal.

Cliffs being what they are though, the fall was harsh for Davis, resulting in, again, the worst season in baseball history. The Orioles are on the hook for a ton of cash still, and just now entering a rebuild period. If he holds to what he’s been, he’ll at least help with their tanking for draft picks. The ideal would be he does improve though, and at least become tradeable for some asset. Problem is, age doesn’t go backwards. Too many markers are trending the wrong way