Todd Haley didn't leave Kansas City on the best of terms. Fired during the 2011 season there were later suspicions of wire-tapping and accusations rampant paranoia. Now an offensive coordinator with the Steelers Haley remains something of a lightning rod partly because of his surly on-field demeanor but also because he's not Bruce Arians the team's former coordinator who won Coach of the Year honors in Indianapolis last season. With that in mind here's the latest Haley development: According to a Deadspin report the night before the Steelers managed just nine points against the Titans in the season opener Haley was spotted at a hotel bar enjoying an adult beverage when a fan approached him for an autograph. Haley obliged signing his name and adding "Go Steelers! Chiefs suck!!" Nothing wrong with that -- Pittsburgh pays his salary and Kansas City won two freaking games last year. But according to Deadspin another man who had been drinking started yelling at Haley from across the bar "Roethlisberger isn't going to like this" and "Hey Haley what plays are you calling tomorrow?" Haley reportedly unimpressed came over and had some words and eventually tried to get the men thrown out. Meanwhile a league source tells will explain exactly what happened later Thursday. "Haley will explain that he and his family have been staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Upper St. Clair Pennsylvania while their house is being refurbished" PFT's Mike Florio wrote Thursday morning. "Haley will also explain that he and his wife went down to the bar after their five kids were asleep. "He'll say that there were no incidents or problems contrary to the information provided to Deadspin by a reader. Per the source Haley's recollection of the exchange is that it was lighthearted with no confrontation or arguments or improper comments."