Not a single strand of facial hair has ever slipped by Lou Lamoriello, and I highly doubt one ever will.

The New York Islanders general manager — who's made such infamous and appalling demands as forcing Tomas Plekanec to shave his Hall of Fame goatee after a 2018 deadline trade — is well known for his old-school rules. 

Among the most hilarious and absurd of said rules, if not the very most, is Lamoriello's hair and facial hair policy, which regularly results in grown adult millionaires having to shave their hard-earned beards, moustaches and sweet, sweet soul patches immediately upon stepping foot into a Lou-run team's facilities. So let's pour one out for Lamoriello's most recent victim Kyle Palmieri, who had to feel the brisk wind on his cheeks for the first time in ages after he axed off his luscious crumb catcher ahead of Thursday's practice.