The Roberto Luongo sweepstakes are still ongoing after more than a year now and we still don't seem closer to an actual deal taking place. The problem is a lack of suitors; not a ton of teams need to fill No. 1 goaltender positions right now and even fewer have a need to fill it with a contract as cumbersome as Luongo's. One of the teams that has become popular as a possibile destination for Luongo lately among those speculating was the New York Islanders. They still haven't signed Evgeni Nabokov and thus have an open spot for a No. 1 netminder, not to mention Luongo began his NHL career with the Isles. You can forget about it as Brett Cyrgalis of the New York Post reports. So it would seem that you can take the Islanders off the potential suitors list, joining the Maple Leafs after their acquisition of Jonathan Bernier. It had previously been suggested by Bob McKenzie that the Islanders might be interested.