A Montgomery County District Court judge ruled Virginia Tech linebacker Isi Etute can be granted release on a $75,000 secured bond, according to Andy Bitter of The Athletic. Etute is being held on a second-degree murder charge following the killing of 40-year-old Jerry Smith. Bitter reports the commonwealth's attorney appeared at the ruling and that there is a max five-day stay on it, and that it might be heard tomorrow.

The commonwealth also revealed new details about how the murder went down. Bitter reports the commonwealth’s attorney revealed that Etute matched on the dating app Tinder and met with an “Angie” April 10 to engage in oral sex. Etute then went back May 31 for another meeting at Smith’s apartment and discovered Smith was a man. Etude told the police that he then "loses it," and punched Smith five times in the head, then proceeded to kick him after that on the ground.

According to Bitter, the commonwealth's attorney said Etute told police he could hear "bubbling and gurgling" as he left the apartment and wiped blood off of his flip flops. Etute did not call the police to report what happened, and Smith was found dead in the apartment two days later. Michael Ziolek of The Roanoke Times said Smith had all the bones in his face broken, his teeth missing and multiple cranial fractures.