With Matt Kemp's name on the ears of everyone listening to MLB trade rumors, it comes as no surprise the Los Angeles Dodgers are in the position to deal. Might Yasiel Puig join the list of players in this L.A. confidential? That's a juicy tidbit for a market that grows hotter by the day as baseball's general managers prepare to meet starting Monday in Orlando, Fla. Even before formal summit begins you can bet swap talk will take precedent. Ken Rosenthal, Fox Sports' respected insider, noted recently the Dodgers are ready, willing and able to entertain offers for Kemp, Andre Ethier and Carl Crawford. All three are high-ticket players with caveats. Kemp and Ethier are coming off injuries, while Crawford is a high-maintenance player with a track record that might scare away teams needing outfield help. Still, as Rosenthal noted, Dodgers brass is spreading the word: "If you're interested in one of them, make us an offer." Now, another news source is added fuel to the Dodgers' potential fire sale of outfielders.