Many people are constantly on the lookout for the next big upcoming superstar, and the first thing we do is compare them to current NBA stars. This of course puts huge pressure on the player to succeed, and often we put that pressure on very young shoulders. The talk right now in the GM offices around the NBA is beginning to focus on one very special talent, and that is Trae Young, a player who has already been compared to Steph Curry, a huge accolade for someone so young. The 19-year old point guard has been putting up some hugely impressive stat lines and that has drawn attention to him. On top of that both Steph Curry himself and LeBron James have declared themselves as fans of Young, something else that has drawn huge interest to the Oklahoma point guard. Now he is in the public eye, comparisons will continue, as will projections about his potential, so if you have not heard of him before, you are sure to hear plenty about him over the next few months. Young is currently posting the best stat lines in the country, and it was those stats that got him noticed in the first place. He is averaging a huge 29.2 points per game, as well as 10.1 assists. Looking back at the college records, only one freshman has ever been crowned the college scoring champion, and only two have led the nation in assists. As we stand now, unbelievably, Young is ahead in both of those categories. He couldn’t go and do it, could he? Just a quick look at his stat line, and a quick look at what we have seen before from college freshmen tells you this is a very special player. When you throw in his celebrity fans, you can quickly see that this is a player who has caught the eye of all the right people. Not only is he doing the right things every game to score points and pick up assists, but he is also catching the eye of the fans, and most importantly impressing his peers. When a player is doing all three of those things, and he is only 19, it is hard to not be hugely impressed by what is going off in the career of Trae Young right now.